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One drop at a time...

There is a rapidly increasing demand for pure water solutions, whether it’s for your personal living environment, your work environment or critical manufacturing processes requiring purified water, let Grady Industrial, LLC connect you to the technology resources you need to purify your environment.

We distribute a full line of purifying equipment from ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, drinking water systems, media filters, water softeners, carbon filters, cartridge filters and ultraviolet light sanitizing. Let us design a filtration system that fits your purity needs!


  • Reverse Osmosis – Produce pure water
  • Media Filter – Removes large suspended solids
  • Water Softener – Removes calcium and magnesium
  • Carbon Filter – Removes chlorine and organics
  • Cartridge Filter – Removes smaller suspended solids
  • Ultraviolet Light – Sanitizes and kills bacteria, viruses and algae

Grady Industrial, LLC at work for you...
Connecting you to the technology resources you need.

Custom Engineered Systems That Fit Your Every Need!



Advanced Membrane Technology

Membrane Technology provides a “PURE” solution…

Grady Industrial, LLC offers a full range of membrane elements

Pure Clean Drinking Water

Purifying Your Environment One Drop At A Time...

Through Pure Filtration Solutions!