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Watts® Dual-Media Water Softener & Filter

Water softener and carbon filter in one compact design for whole house water treatment!

The Watts® Dual Media Water Softener and Filter utilizes Vortech™ patented distributor technology to maximize media efficiency with two separate media chambers in one tank.
  1. Activated Carbon for pre-treatment removes chloramines*, chlorine, taste, odors and extends ion exchange resin life.
  2. High Efficiency Ion Exchange Resin for increased efficiency and to enhance performance with high iron content water.
Features & Benefits
  • Combines two technologies in one single tank.
  • One control valve and mineral tank to reduce costs.
  • Carbon and resin are in separate chambers.
  • Proper contact time is provided by using two chambers.
  • No media migration with carbon and resin separated.
  • Carbon can be replaced without replacing the resin.
  • Lower pressure drop, compared to twin tank systems.
  • Vortech™ tank technology for higher backwash rates.
  • No gravel under bedding to reduce costs and weight.
  • Space saving, single tank design.
  • Vortech™ tanks are NSF standard certified.
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • Hardness
  • Chloramines*
  • Chlorine
  • Taste
  • Odors
  • Iron**
*When catalytic carbon is used.
**Pre-treatment may be required.

Vortech™ Dual-Tank Features And Benefits
  • Separate chambers in a single tank.
  • Mid-plate eliminates media migration.
  • No gravel under bedding to reduce costs and weight.
  • Higher backwash rate.
  • Reduced backwash duration to conserve water.
  • Riser tubes are permanently attached.
  • NSF certified and made in U.S.A.
Standard Mineral Tank
Standard tanks use gravel under bedding,
which adds weight and cost. Also,
re-bedding is more difficult, should riser
tubes pull out of the gravel bed.
  Vortech™ Mineral Tank
No gravel under bedding is required,
reducing weight and cost. Also, riser tubes
are permanently attached, so they cannot
pull out during re-bedding.

Dual Water Softener And Filter

Part Number Softening Capacity (Grains) Tank Size Tank Color Dome Hole Resin (cu.ft.) Carbon (cu. Ft.)
M3011-W100SM-CR 30,000 10x54 Black NO 1 0.5
M3011GW100SM-CR 30,000 10x54 Gray NO 1 0.5
M3011-W100SMFX 30,000 10X54 Black NO 1 0.5***
M3013CK10SMCR10 45,000 13x54 Black NO 1.5 1
M3013CKDHSMCR10 45,000 13x54 Black YES 1.5 1
M3013CK10SMCR15 45,000 13x65 Black NO 1.5 1.5
M3013CKDHSMCR15 45,000 13x65 Black YES 1.5 1.5
M3015CK10SMCR10 60,000 13x65 Black NO 2 1
M3015CKDHSMCR10 60,000 13x65 Black YES 2 1
Note: All units come with CK10 valve, by-pass, 1" PVC elbow tails & coconut shell carbon. Brine tanks come with safety float valve. ***Filox (not carbon).