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Watts® Tri-Plex Water Softeners

Our Micro-Z® filter media is used for pre-filtration to remove particles, five micron and up. Micro-Z outperforms sand and multimedia to increase particulate removal.

This important step enhances the performance of activated carbon (below) and aids in the removal of iron and hydrogen sulfide.

Activated Carbon
Activated carbon is used for pre-treatment to improve water quality by reducing bad tastes, foul odors, chlorine and organic substances through adsorption.

High Efficiency
Ion Exchange Resin

Fine mesh resin is used for increased efficiency to remove water hardness, Calcium, Magnesium and improve performance in high Iron content water.

Multi-Stage water treatment systems for consumers who demand the “best”.

Multi-Stage Water Treatment System In a Single Tank To Save Space and Money!

Our metered control valve regenerates in an up-flow pattern based on water usage to conserve water and reduce salt requirements.

Two Models
We offer two models based on watertype, including models for municipal water and well water.

Innovative Design
If you want the most from your investment, Tri-Plex water conditioners are for you! There’s nothing else like them anywhere!

Multi-Stage Water Treatment Process
With Tri-Plex water softeners you get several water treatment media in a single tank, using a single control valve, to reduce space and save money!


  • Water hardness
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Sediment
  • Chlorine
  • Bad tastes
  • Foul odors
  • Heavy metals (KDF)
  • Scale
  • Damage to appliances due to scale build-up.
  • Spots on dishes & glassware.
  • Soap build-up on shower walls and bath tubs.

Other Benefits:

  • Soap savings 50% or more because soap and detergents work better in soft water.
  • Softer, brighter laundry.
  • Refreshing shower water and no chlorine damage to hair.
  • Smoother shave with softened water.
  • Reduced energy costs by scale elimination.

Tri-Plex water conditioning systems come with the W100SM metered valve, which features up-flow regeneration to conserve water and increase salt efficiency. Tri-Plex conditioners also use three chamber 10" x 60" Vortech® mineral tanks, (with safety float valves) and come with a 1" by-pass valve.

Media Replacement
Micro-Z® is typically not replaced because the media is refreshed during backwash. We recommend replacement of the activated carbon and KDF every 1-2 years, depending on chlorine levels. For more information, please see owners manual.

Resin Replacement
Resin life is dramatically extended due to pre-treatment by activated carbon and KDF. With Tri-Plex conditioners, resin life may be extended indefinitely with adequate carbon pre-treatment.

Tri-Plex conditioners come with a five year limited warranty on control valves, mineral tanks and brine tanks. For more details, please refer to owners manual.

Tri-Plex systems are recommended for hardness levels up to 25 grains per gallon.


Model Number Valve Water Resin
Cu. Ft.
Cu. Ft.
Service Flow
Brine Tank Ship Wt.
M3011-W100SM5CZ W100SM City 1.0 0.5 8 to 11 7.5 18x36 150
M3011-W100SM8CZ W100SM Well 1.0 0.5 8 to 11 7.5 18x36 150
Note: Pipe connections are 1”.